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    Vintage Swiss Army Knives

    Vintage Swiss army knives from Victorinox and Wenger.  See also Victorinox Historical Photos and Information.


    Victorinox Soldiers' Knife c 1891
    Photos from Victorinox Photopress

    Victorinox Officer's Knife c1897
    Photo from Victorinox Photopress

    Victoria (Victorinox) c1902-1913

    Victoria, the Christian name of Karl Elsener's mother, is an early trademark of Victorinox (Victoria + Inox).  This example of an early Swiss army knife has mother of pearl handles and contains two blades, a file, scissors, and a cork screw.  No toothpick and tweezer.  A 1903 catalog (see photos below) shows a similar style 2-blade knife (Nr. 241).  

    Victorinox Swiss Army Knives c1903
    Photos from Victorinox Photopress and Everything you need to know

    Victorinox Armée Suisse

    Armée Suisse (Victorinox

    Hoffritz branded Victorinox Swiss Army Knives
    The magazine scan from LIFE March 22, 1954 was digitized by Google Books.

    Abercrombie & Fitch branded Victorinox Swiss Army Knife
    Ad from Popular Science Jan 1965 digitized by Google Books.

    Hoffritz branded Victorinox Swiss Army Knife
    Ad scanned from a 1960s Hoffritz catalog.

    Victorinox Swiss Army Knife

    Elinox (Victorinox)
    Elinox (Elsener + Inox) was a trademark used by Victorinox beginning in 1957.  Victorinox Switzerland Stainless Rostfrei was used beginning in 1952.

    References: The Knife and Its History: Written on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Victorinox.


    Wenger Tahara

    Wenger Tahara

    Wengerinox (Wenger) Allsport Knife

    Wenger Master Sportsman's Knife

    Neiman Marcus branded Wengerinox (Wenger) Swiss army knife

    Wengerinox (Wenger)

    Wenger Swiss Army Knife
    Ad from Boys' Life Jan 1964 digitized by Google Books.

    Wenger c1960s-1970s

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