Early Examples of Modern Multi-Tools

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    Top Multi-Tools

    SOG PowerLock

    * Best Pliers (compound leverage)

    •   Compound leverage pliers
    •   Pliers open one-handed
    •   User serviceable
    •   All tools lock

    •   Typical configurations lack a plain edge blade (available as a replacement direct from SOG)
    •   Blade edges face the middle of the tool
    •   No one-hand opening blade
    •   Tool clumping
    •   Contains a large spacer instead of being completely filled with tools (S62)
    •   Compound leverage gears dig into hand when using inside tools
    •   Access to tools requires opening the pliers and a cover
    •   Standard bits require adapter
    •   Adapter fits loosely
    •   Replacement blade options not widely available (order direct from SOG)
    •   2nd heaviest tool on this list

    Victorinox SwissTool, SwissTool X, SwissTool RS

    * Best Tool Selection

    SwissTool X - Best overall tool (tie)

    •   Excellent tool selection and design
    •   All tools lock
    •   All tools accessible from the outside

    •   No one-hand opening blade
    •   Not user serviceable
    •   Lacks scissors (SwissTool)
    •   Lacks file (SwissTool RS)
    •   Heaviest tool on this list

    Victorinox SwissTool Spirit

    * Lightest and cheapest

    Best value

    •   Good tool selection and excellent design
    •   Ergonomic handles on pliers
    •   All tools lock
    •   All tools accessible from the outside
    •   All tools deploy easily
    •   Lightest tool on this list
    •   Cheapest tool on this list

    •   No plain edge drop point blade (the new Spirit S has a drop point blade instead of scissors)
    •   No ruler
    •   No one-hand opening blade
    •   Not user serviceable

    Leatherman Charge Ti, Charge XTi

    * One-hand opening blades

    Best overall tool (tie)

    •   Somewhat user serviceable
    •   All tools lock
    •   One-hand opening blades
    •   Some tools accessible from the outside
    •   154CM plain edge blade
    •   Diamond file
    •   Most tools deploy easily
    •   Titanium handle
    •   Belt clip

    •   Plier has a smaller workable area due to location of crimper (Charge XTi)
    •   Standard bits require adapter
    •   Flat driver and bit driver are redundant (Charge Ti)
    •   Redundant bit drivers (Charge XTi)
    •   Small bit driver isn't the most useful choice of tools
    •   Opening and closing the file scrapes the inside of the handle
    •   Small scissor (Charge Ti)
    •   Lacks scissor (Charge XTi)
    •   Might be most prone to rust (based on experience with Leatherman Wave)
    •   Most expensive tool on this list