Polish Military Multi-Tool Knife (nóż saperski wz 69)

Photos and information were generously provided to The Multi-Tool Museum by P.S.

The "Nóż wz.69" was designed by Polish engineers Ryszard Szydłowski and Henryk Adamczyk, in the late 1960's.  It is unique to the Polish (Communistic) forces and was employed by their special forces.

Designers: Ryszard Szydłowski and Henryk Adamczyk, 1969
Length: 150 mm, 260 mm (with knife open)
Weight:  0.4 kg

* Automatic knife (in the photo, you can see a small release button) with blockade
* Lighter with magnesium and benzin put into the small long cap.
* Standard accessories holder, line and 3 spare parts- saw and file.



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