Leatherman Catalogs

website statisticsThis page is under construction.  The 2000, Juice, & Squirt catalogs are available.  Other catalogs will be uploaded soon.  Catalogs are also available in PDF format in the download section

1983 Leatherman Catalog

In 1983, Leatherman manufactured only one product, the Pocket Survival Tool.  At that time, the Leatherman catalog consisted of a double-sided pamphlet.

1985 & 1988 Leatherman Catalog

2000 Leatherman Catalog

The 2000 Leatherman catalog contains product information for most of the "classic" Leatherman multi-tools.

2002 Leatherman Squirt & 2004 Leatherman Juice Catalogs

2004 Leatherman Catalog

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