Custom Multi-Tools

Buck 350 Scrimshaw

The photos were generously provided to The Multi-Tool Museum by Steve Z.  

According to Steve, this one of a kind Buck 350 was customized by a scrimshaw artist from Mystic Scrimshanders of Mystic Connecticut. Steve was given the custom multi-tool as a gift from his Dad who bought it at the Scrimshanders for $95.  The art work is bone with black India ink artistry depicting a whale boat chasing a whale that is diving under the sea.  It was made in 2001. 

The Buck 350 contains pliers, a small Philips screwdriver, a combination small screwdriver and bottle opener, tweezers, scissors, a nail file and cleaner, a knife blade, and a ruler on the handle.  The multi-tool is 2.5 inches folded and 4.0 inches with the pliers open.  The knife blade is 1.75 inches.  It was originally sold with a stainless or black oxide finish. The scrimshaw is one of a kind.

Peter Atwood G3 Prybaby

This custom pry tool was designed and hand finished by Peter Atwood.  According to the specifications "Prybaby Tools are made of CPM S30V premium cutlery steel or 6AL4V aircraft grade titanium.  Standard features include pry tool with nail puller/wire stripper notch and bottle opener.  Special G3 version features six SAE wrench sizes: 1/4, 5/16, 3/8, 7/16, 1/2, and 9/16."

Swiss Bianco Custom Victorinox Yeoman

This custom Victorinox Yeoman was assembled by "Swiss Bianco".  It was part of a 2008 special run and the design is based on the original 3-layer Yeoman pattern which has been discontinued.  It was assembled by hand from parts provided by Victorinox.

Scibeer Custom Victorinox Farmer

This custom Victorinox Farmer was made to order by "Scibeer".  It was assembled by hand from the parts of two Victorinox Swiss army knives.  In the second photo, a standard Farmer (left) is shown next to the custom Farmer (right).  The saw was replaced with scissors and the lanyard ring attachment was removed.  

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