A.G. Russell Pocket Toolbox

The photos above were provided to the Multi-Tool Museum courtesy of ©cliveruss.com.

The A.G. Russell Pocket Toolbox was modeled after vintage German multi-tools (examples) and manufactured in Japan. Its tool selection includes spring-loaded pliers and wire cutter, a plain edge knife, a combination flat driver / file / serrated knife, and a Philips screwdriver.  A ballistic cloth sheath was available as a separate purchase of $5.97.  The Pocket Toolbox was available in the mid 1990's and early 2000's. It was discontinued after 2004. The retail price was $39.95.

Table from A.G. Russell

1995 A.G. Russell Catalog

"With the flood of pocket tools getting larger and more complicated, we thought it was time to get down to basics. The A. G. Russell Tool is an update of a German patented tool made 60-80 years ago. We re-made the tooling using modern methods and materials. We replaced the leather punch with a Phillips screwdriver and added a serrated edge to one side of the screwdriver blades. This is one tool that can be used without pinching your fingers, and the spring loaded pliers make your work much easier. Measures 4-3/4" closed, is less than 1/2" thick and made entirely of stainless steels. Weighs 4.5 oz. Pouch not included."

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