Early Examples of Modern Multi-Tools

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    Multi-Tool Advertisements

    Unless watermarked scans are high resolution.  The other ads were digitized by Google Books.  The photos are named with the magazine and date of the issue.

    Buck Ads


    Buck Summit

    Gerber Ads

    Gerber Multi-Plier

    Gerber Multi-Lite

    Gerber Multi-Lock

    Gerber Multi-Plier 400 Compact Sport


    Gerber Urban Legend

    Kershaw Ads


    Leatherman Ads

    Leatherman PST


    Leatherman PSTII

    Leatherman Micra

    Leatherman Super Tool

    Leatherman SideClip

    Leatherman Crunch

    Leatherman Flair

    Leatherman Pulse

    Leatherman Juice

    Leatherman Wave

    Leatherman Charge

    Schrade Ads

    Schrade / Vise-Grip Ads

    Vise-Grip Toolbox

    SOG Ads

    SOG PowerLock

    Victorinox Ads


    SwissTool Spirit

    Swiss army knives

    Wenger Ads

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